What Story Is Your Style Telling…

I am going to tease out the concept of “your style story,” so that by the end of reading this you will have a better understanding of how what you wear and how you wear can speak for you without you saying a word and how you can show up more authentically in your truest essence.

What’s your Style Story?

Let’s face it… we live in a society where we are constantly bombarded with all the reasons we don’t measure up… in every way. We see images everywhere, we are marketed to with products and sometimes out right told by family and friends where we are lacking. We battle wanting to be seen, wanting to hide, or somewhere in between on any given day.

Wearing your truest style takes self exploration, self love, intuition and a look at everything that has influenced you thus far in life.

Teasing out “your style” is honoring where you are right now in your life and a willingness to look at your mindset, and the health of your body, mind and soul. Style, is holistic. It is intrinsically part of you and it goes beyond just the clothes you put on your body. Being honest with yourself and knowing that you are an ever evolving soul and so therefore so is your style. You are being influenced by so many outside and internal energies, and it is a balance of those worlds and what feels best for you.

Style is inherently a direct reflection of you and your life, your beliefs and values of self. Do you feel stuck in a rut in your style? Then you probably reflect that in your life somewhere. Knowing that there is no right or wrong, but just a grace of self-acceptance and love is your starting point.

When you stand in your closet and look at your wardrobe, do you think “Damn, this is me? I love everything I have!” I am going to venture a guess and say, “No” was your response or maybe “Meh, maybe some of it is.” Do you feel lost in what looks good on your body type and what your best colors are? Have you ever asked yourself what the clothes you are buying, or how you decorate your home is saying?

Style goes so much deeper than just fashion, because it makes up the totality of you. You’ve heard the term “wearing your heart on your sleeve,” well style can be a way of doing just that. The goal is to feel seamless from the inside out. By wearing clothes and decorating your space with items that light you up and “spark joy” as Marie Kondo says, you show up in the world in a higher vibration and truest reflection of you. You move into an alignment of soul. You love certain things for a reason because they resonate and create a vibration in you. Like how you enjoy certain music or particular notes strike you. Your style carries a vibration, a frequency… So is it really speaking you, telling your true story or are you wearing someone else’s?

A few simple steps in revealing your story…

Here’s a process I have my clients work through when we’re deep diving into their style essence:
1. Start by finding a few items in your home that you absolutely love. Whether they are a piece of clothing, art work, it can be anything. You just have to cherish them.
2. Write out why you love these items. Get detailed. Do you love their texture, color etc. How do they make you feel? Use descriptive words like, luxurious, playful, magical. Do they remind you of a wonderful memory or a time when you felt excited for life. When you look at these pieces or hold them in your hand, describe the feeling you have inside. Tip: the more detailed you get, the better.
3. After you feel complete in describing and telling a story about these items, apply that essence to your wardrobe or a room in your house. Do your other clothes, or décor make you feel that same joy and excitement? If not maybe it’s time to let those things go, so you can create space for more items that spark more of your joy.

The key here is that I want you to start tapping into how things make you feel and being more lit up about how you are showing up in your life. Check out why the colors you wear and surround yourself with are so important HERE…

Style is your signature and mark in this world. Your energy and essence are infused, embodied and portrayed in your style. So how are you showing up? Do you feel authentic and aligned in your life or are you muddling through and just trying to fit in, blend in, get by etc?

Your style, like a written or spoken story, has layers and depth.
If you don’t like your current chapter in your story, let’s explore and write a new one.